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superbike-930715_1280.jpgSports is an activity that thrills people worldwide - whether it's a local football game or a mega sport event, like the Olympic Games. Since travelling and sports are considered complementary, sports tourism is one of the fastest growing tourism sectors of the industry. Although it has not been as popular as other kinds of tourism, it has gained lots of fans during the past decade and the number of travellers that decide to combine their vacation along with a major (or minor) sport event increases steadily each year passing. Despite the common belief, sports and tourism are not only related to simply watching a sport - the whole notion behind this is much more than that. As a consequence, the evolve of travelling for a major social activity and phenomenon, like sports is, was inevitable. 

The combination of sports and travel is a trend that attracts investments and creates a whole new generation of travelling in modern times. It is estimated that, in the past four years, the growth of the income from sports-related travelling has been significantly increased, while it is considered that the impact sports and events have to the modern waves of tourists is bigger than initially thought. Having understood the significance of this rapidly evolving sector, Spitiworld offers the best services possible, when it comes to combining travelling and a grand sports event. With a wide range of events, our team gives the visitor the local flavour along with the excitement of watching his favourite sport. 

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