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Farms (Agricultural)


In the recent years, agrotourism has become one of the most rapidly growing and prominent sectors of the tourism industry. The traditional way of living, in rural, unexploited areas, far from the busy rural centres, has seen a significant raise of preference among the travellers' cast, gaining its own fan basis throughout the past decades. Escaping from the busy lifestyle of morden cities and feeling the urge to turn to mother Earth, the modern traveller sets new priorities when it comes to pick a destination: the number of tourists who plan a trip according to eco-friendly and alternative criteria grows bigger every year passing - showing the required respect towards the rural scenery and experiencing the true, local way of living to its maximum. 

In our attempt to present a different, authentic experience to our customers, Spitiworld has invested a lot of effort in alternative tourism - especially, in agrotourism. Having farms as a main axis for our "agritainment" plan, we present a simple yet authentic experience to our clients and do our best to make them feel the original local spirit of each destination they choose, far from the tourist, crowded attractions. Having the sense of preserving the natural environment unspoilt and, at the same time, feeling the need to present a realistic, authentic depiction of the local, traditional lifestyle, our team is always on the look for finding new ways and means to offer the best possible amenities to our customers, who consider agrotourism the holy grail of travelling.


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