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Medical Tourism


Medical tourism is a branch that has underwent a steady increase of popularity in the recent years. The need for pursuing the best medical treatment possible for a list of ailments has turned a considerable number of countries to main tourism destinations, due to their high quality medical systems. It is believed that the first case of medical tourism was recorded back to the ancient Greek era, when pilgrims from the Eastern Mediterranean travelled to the city of Epidavria, a small place in the Saronic Gulf, to visit the sanctuary of god Asclepius, who was considered to be the first healer and doctor of the ancient world. In many European countries of the 18th century, the visit of facilities pretty similar to our modern spas was a must for patients who suffered from many ailments, such as bronchitis and liver disorders, while travelling abroad - especially to places with a mild climate - was suggested to patients with tuberculosis during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

It is estimated that thousands of travellers choose their trip destination based on its health care system and facilities. The modern ways of treatment, the ease of international travel and the affordable prices of health care have turned a variety of countries into heavens of medical tourism. Understanding the nature and importance of this category, our team of professionals provides its best guidance and assistants to the individuals who wish to combine a medical treatment and holidays in their scheduled trips. 

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