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The idea of real estate covers a property consisting of land, buildings and the surrounding area - natural resources as well. The term "real property" is used to describe all the above, plus the right for exploitation given to the owner. Real Estate is divided to three sectors: residential, industrial and commercial - with the first category being, perhaps, the most popular out of them all (since it;s the most affordable and common for an individual to obtain).The sector of Real Estate business is estimated to bring a major income percentage in a country's GDP. With the expansion of the notion of globalization and the ease of travelling, many people worldwide choose to invest on real estate, not only domestically, but also abroad. 

As its name is, so it should feel like: "spiti" is the Greek word for home - and our team will do its best to make the customers feel like their home. Our Real Estate Network can make your dreams come true! Our professionals can provide valuable information and guidance, by estimating each case thoroughly and offering a unique solution to each request. Setting our customers' needs as a priority, we are determined to offer the best solution possible, according to our high quality standards and the need for constant development of the needs and demands of the modern era.

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