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Travelling to a country can be an exciting event for a traveller - so exciting, that, in the end, one realizes that the time spent to a destination cannot be enough to discover all its sights and beauties. In some other cases, one can choose a country to spend some quality time, only to realize that his destination of choice has more than one (or two, or three) places, which are worth-visiting. While setting a goal of visiting a country can be the most common way of planning one's holidays, what happens with the travellers who have "targeted" a specific location that consider a must-visit, or have heard of so many times? 

The "Regional Spiti Project" is an ambitious plan that is "engulfed" and evolved with the SpitiWorld Network philosophy as an axis, and it has been introduced by the need of our customers for more authentic and unique experiences. By having the promotion of alternative and sustainable forms of tourism as an asset, Regional Spiti is all about providing the traveller with the most unforgettable experiences one can take by visiting a specific place. Avoiding general quotations and exhaustive itineraries, the SpitiWorld team makes sure to corresponde to each customer's needs, creating a personalised programme for each client that will be precise and targeted. Our partners will make sure that the client will enjoy the true colours of each destination in the best way possible.

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