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Travelling for recreation, business or sports is really common among travellers - what about travelling for wellbeing? A new kind of tourism gains ground in the past years and gains more and more true fans - wellness tourism. Often confused with medical tourism, wellness tourism is connected to the need of the travellers to obtain or maintain their good holistic health through various processes, such as spa treatments and visiting famous wellness spots (both natural or manmade) to escape from their routine, reduce stress levels and rejuvenate. Usually, this type of travelling is urged by the deep need of the individual to achieve inner peace and, sometimes, it can also be accompanied by performing activities in nature. Although there are lots of myths fabricated around the general concept of wellness tourism (ie. it targets only "elite" members), the numbers prove the claims wrong: the amount of people who go on a wellness trip at least once in their lives is consisted by a range of different age groups, financial status and purposes. 

The need of relaxation from the busy daily routine is a must - especially during the holiday time. Whatever the main purpose behind of a wellness-based planned trip is, Spitiworld team is more than glad to help you! Our team knows exactly how important is the wellbeing for customers - as a consequence, we are ready to provide every option possible according to your needs. Feel free to escape from the bustling pace of the city life and indulge to a whole new world of relaxation! Just grant your wish and leave the rest on us!

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