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We live in a fast-paced era, full of changes and the need to travel grows more than ever. What is better to "escape" from the typical, standard suggestions and choose a true, authentic experience, which reflects the true identity of your destination? Alternative activities on tourism have started gaining ground in the past decade and the number of visitors, who wish to experience something unique, authentic and local seems to increase each year passing. The tourism industry has adapted drastically to the customers' growing needs and tour operators have started including activities, such as extreme sports, cooking demonstrations and visits to traditional workshops (to name but a few) in their portfolios.

They say that you can know a place only if you live like a local - and that is what we believe as well! Our network associates can provide a wide range of unique, authentic experiences, so as our customers can get the true taste of the destination they wish to visit and get the most from their trip! Cooking classes, adventures in nature, gastronomical experiences.... and there's much more for you to choose from! Our professionals will do their best to provide the customers a solution, which will match their preferences and taste - and, most importantly, they'll definitely be an experience to be worth to remembered!

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