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Sailing has always been one of the most favourite activities of mankind - especially on tourism. The use of yachts and catamarans, which are both types of recreational boats used for leisure purposes, has been widely spread towards the end of the 20th century and it's a prominent branch of the tourism industry for coastal regions. Places, such as the Mediterranean, are ideal for yachting lovers, while the development of this tourism type has helped enough the local infrastructures to grow, as the communities tried to respond to the travellers' - and their vessels' - needs. 

Laying for hours under the summer sun, changing new places and destinations every day, listening to the sound of the waves while sleeping... Who wouldn't want to spend his holidays without a strict schedule, combining the feeling of carefreeness with the safety of a shelter? Now you can have this opportunity by choosing the option of yachting! Sail from port to port and live your ultimate summer adventure, conquering the waters of the destination of your choice! Our team emphasizes on detail, quality service and luxury products. Our collaborators own a wide range of vessels for every capacity and need: yachts and catamarans are available at any time for the customer's desired itinerary. Oyr clients can request any itinerary they wish; and we are there to make their dreams come true!

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