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6th SpitiWorld Zoom Meeting

Good day my dear friends and colleagues!!

Spiti World  that was initiated 2 years ago as a new project of Orancon Group, a group of companies home to several individual brands

with an active and leading presence in the tourism is inviting you to our

6th Zoom meeting, which will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, 02 September at 16.00 Greek Time.

Please here below find the link for your connection:


Meeting ID: 638 205 7302

Passcode: 0usQzT

The innovation that is currently introduced in the tourism industry internationally is the creation of a Global Network of Tourism Partners

built according to the principles of "synergies". Under this prism it achieves and eliminates the narrow geographical boundaries in the provision

of tourism services and products, enabling, with a single "Business center" that addresses to potential customers, the promotion of these

services to the final recipients, the opportunity to enjoy them, without aiming at different suppliers in each country.

Despite the unfavorable situation throughout the last months caused by the Global pandemic in the Tourism Industry we hold regular

teleconferences with the representatives and members of Spiti World, very interesting technical workshops as well as teleconferences

dedicated to the presentation of the countries that compose our business community.

On Wednesday, September 2, at 16:00, our monthly teleconference is dedicated to:

  1. presentation of Cyprus that will be introduced by a team of highly experienced partners from Orthodoxou Travel and supported

by the Cyprus Ministry of Tourism and talk about the reasons that make it one of the most important tourist destinations in the

Eastern Mediterranean, the various services and products accessible to visitors from all over the world and the key opportunities

of bringing a "new era" in the tourism product.

  1. We will also have the presentation of Locauto Rent a Car in Italy,  a proud member of Enterprise Car Rental Network.
  2. Mr. Andreas Christodoulides the Managing Director and owner of Zela Aviation will also share with us his news.

Your participation will be a special honor and joy for all of us, but above all, it will give us the opportunity to highlight the special importance

of "Synergies" in this crucial period.

Looking forward meeing you tomorrow!!!

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