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Good day my dear friends and colleagues!!

Spiti World  that was initiated 2 years ago as a new project of Orancon Group, a group of companies home to several individual brands

with an active and leading presence in the tourism is inviting you to our

6th Zoom meeting, which will take place tomorrow, Wednesday, 02 September at 16.00 Greek Time.

Dear Partners, Colleagues & Friends,

We are pleased to announce the 5th Zoom Meeting of Spiti World Global Tourism and Business.

The meeting will take place on Wednesday, 05 August at 16.00 Greek Time.


Cyprus is an island located in eastern Europe, rich in culture and history. Due to its strategic position, it has been influenced by many civilizations who have conquered it. Cyprus known as the "Jewel of the Mediterranean" and legendary birthplace of Aphrodite, the ancient goddess of love and beauty, certainly lives up to the exacting standards of its divine patroness. A stunning Mediterranean island steeped in legend, myth, beauty and romance that enjoys more than 340 days of sunshine a year, Cyprus is attracting visitors from across the world. Enchanted by the island's endless stretches of golden sands, secluded bays and rocky coves, today's tourists are also drawn to Cyprus for its fascinating history and culture, its exquisite Mediterranean cuisine and its glorious mountains and verdant countryside that prove that Cyprus is much more than just a "sun and sea" destination.


The Cretan Spiti Travel, under the auspicies of SpitiWorld, is pleased to announce the "Winter Theme Crete Program 10/10/2020 - 25/04/2021"...  Have you ever felt Winter in Crete? Does it sound as adventurous as it is? Do not miss this experience and be our guest! We suggest a basic program 5 days - 4 nights which can take place any time from 10/10/2020 till 25/4/2021.


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