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The Balkan Peninsula is worldwide famous for its folklore. Their myths, legends and superstitions have left their special imprint to the societies of the Balkan countries - some of them are popular until today! Considering the fact that the people of the Balkans have always had a special connection with nature, here are 5 Balkan legends that are connected to natural phenomena that people in the past could not explain and they survive until today!

The area of Amalfi lays in the region of Campania, right on the Gulf of Salerno, overshadowed by the mountain Cerreto. Once known as the Duchy of Amalfi, it has been a significant trading and maritime power during the Middle Ages. Its decline started after the Pisans have gained power over the area in 1153 and 1157, while a tsunami destroyed the city in 1343. Since then, Amalfi has never managed to regain its old glory.

Ljubljana may be one of the smallest European capitals, but it’s also definitely one of the most beautiful ones!
With a history starting back on 2,000 BC (the oldest wooden wheel of the world was found in the nearby prehistoric site) and known as Emona during the Roman era, the city has been pillaged by Huns, Ostrogoths and Lombards until the Slovene settlement of the 6th century AD.

Being often overlooked by visitors for the sake of coastal places like Dubrovnik, Zagreb is the Croatian capital city and the largest city in the country. It is located at the slopes of Medvednica mountain, along the Sava river. 

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