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Travelling is not only about historical monuments, museums and long walks on the beach -  a true travel afficionado will search for experiences that will make him feel the local vibes!

The best way to know a country is, hands down, the food - especially, street food! 

Belgrade is the capital and largest Serbian city, built right on the confluence of Danube and Sava rivers. Being located at the heart of the Pannonian plain and the Balkan peninsula’s meeting points, the city has changed numerous rulers along the history, managing to maintain a unique identity.

Setting our communication with our friends and partners as a priority, the SpitiWorld Tourism Worldwide Network team of Orancon Group has decided to engage to a new cycle of meetings.

This series of meetings will be materialized, in order to promote the good co-operation and the right function of international synergies in an everchanging field like tourism.

 Byzantium, New Rome, Constantinoupolis, Eptalofos, Istanbul… This magnificent city has changed so many names throughout the centuries; however, none of these changes was able to describe its beauty at the maximum. Being a colony of Megareans and named after Byzas, Byzantium (as it was initially named) has been home to many civilizations up to this day. Greeks, Romans and, later, Byzantines, Latin Crusaders and, finally Turks have influenced the city’s identity.

“La Serenissima”, “La Dominante”, “The city of Water”, “The city of Masks”… Venice is a city with many names -and many faces. The city is built on a group of 118 islands and took its name from Veneti people, who inhabited the area around the 10th century BC.

Being the capital of the Venice Republic for almost 1000 years, Venice was a very important financial and trade power in the Mediterranean; it is considered to have been the first international financial centre worldwide.

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