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Without a doubt, the city of Mostar is one of the most beautiful – if not, the most beautiful – cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Being the fifth-largest city of the country, Mostar is located on the Neretva River and took its name from the “mostari”, the bridge keepers who guarded the Old Bridge (Stari Most) of Neretva. Human traces from multiple historic eras have been found in the region of Neretva, including remains from prehistoric settlements and Roman buildings.

On behalf of the Spiti World Mediterranean and Balkan Countries Network, we would like to invite you to join a regional partnership and marketing initiative along with other representatives from the tourism and hospitality sector and local communities.

This on line meeting will be an integral part of the Spiti World brand, as it will oversee and provide inputs, feedback, and consensus over the development and implementation of the marketing and branding for the destination of Mediterranean Sea and Balkan Countries in the after covid 19 epoque.

 Let's face it - the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a whole new reality in our daily routine. However, this fact doesn't stop us from dreaming of planning our next best trip! 

Countless places on Earth, various landscapes and sceneries, and a huge variety of destinations to choose from - it really seems a tough decision.

Don't panic; we're here to help you! Here are our top 5 places to visit this summer:

The COVID-19 lockdown has increased our need to communicate and exchange thoughts and ideas more than ever!

Orancon Group has decided to organize a series of workshops of all our Brands, in order to introduce its products to a wider public and maintain its good terms of collaboration with our partners.

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