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Tanzania - Zanzibar


Destination Tanzania, formerly known as Tanganyika. In 1964, Tanganyika united with the Island of Zanzibar to form the United Republic of Tanzania, the largest of the East African countries and sadly one of the poorest countries in the world.

Tanzania is located east of Africa's Great Lakes north of Mozambique and south of Kenya, it has a coastline at the Indian Ocean in east. The nation is bordered by six other African countries: Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Malawi, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zambia, it also shares maritime borders with the Comoros and the Seychelles. It has shorelines at three of the Great Lakes: Lake Victoria, Lake Tanganyika and Lake Nyassa (Lake Malawi).

The country occupies an area of 945,087 km², compared it is about three times the size of Italy or slightly larger than twice the size of California.

Tanzania has a population of, approximately, 60 million people. Its capital is Dodoma, while the largest city, chief port, major economic and transportation hub and de facto capital is Dar es Salaam. Spoken languages are Swahili and English (both official), while Arabic is widely spoken in Zanzibar.

Capital City: De jure capital: Dodoma (population: 180,541) , De facto capital: Dar es Salaam (population: 2,698,652)
Population: 59,606,345
Religion: Christianity (Catholicism, Protestantism), Islam
National Holidays:

01/01 (New Year's Day), 12/01 (Zanzibar National Day), 07/04 (Karume Day), 10/04 (Good Friday), 12/04 (Easter Sunday), 13/04 (Easter Monday), 26/04 (Union Day), 01/05 (Labor Day), 24/05 (Eid al Fitr), 07/07 (Saba Saba Day), 31/07 (Eid al Hajj), 08/08 (Nane Nane Day), 14/10 (Mwalimu Nyerere Day), 29/10 (Maulid Day), 09/12 (Independence Day), 25/12 (Christmas Day), 26/12 (Boxing Day)

Official language: English, Swahili
Climate: Tropical / Arid / Temperate
Local Dish: Mchuzi wa samaki, Wali wa nazi, Chipsi mayai, Ndizi na nyama, Mchemsho, Mandazi, Mshikaki, Mchicha, Ugali
Ports & Airports:

International Airports: Julius Nyerere International Airport, Kilimanjaro International Airport, Abeid Amani Karume International Airport 

Ports: Dar es Salam, Bukoba, Lindi, Tanga, Zanzibar, Kilwa Masoko, Mtwara


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Tanzania - Zanzibar


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