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The "Promised Land" for the western civilization, the United States of America (or, shortly, USA) is a federal state of the North America with an unmatched financial, military and cultural prestige. Being originially inhabited by a huge variety of autochthonus tribes, it was first colonised by Europeans during the 16th century. Having gained its independence by the British Empire two centuries later, the country managed to gradually gain a well-respected place among the Western centres of power and has become a synonym of democracy and liberal ideas. In the modern history of humanity, USA is a "melting pot" of various cultures, ethnicities, languages and beliefs, gaining a unique identity, while it poses a strong influence on financial, social and cultural issues, which affects the whole world. 

The USA is a federal democracy, with the President of the country to be the most influencial person on the globe. It consists of 50 states, each one with its own jurisdiction on several matters, and 4 territories and affiliated jurisdictions. It's the 4th largest country of the world and the world's greatest economic and trade power (the world's currency equivalence is daily influenced by dolar's purchasing power since the end of  World War 2 - Breton Woods system). Apart from its financial and military power, the country has been ranked in a prominent position as far as art and literature are concerned, while its modern pop culture has shaped various trends, which have been dominant worldwide. 


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