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Being the 3d largest country of Latin America, Peru locates in the western corner of the subcontinent. Its important history (owning 12 UNESCO World Heritage monuments ), natural beauty (84 out of the world's 117 life zones are in Peru) and large cultural and linguistic diversity (with 47 indigenous languages, apart from Spanish) make the country an attractive tourism destination for an important percentage of visitors. Being an amalgama of various ethnicities, Peru is, undoubtedly, among the Latin American countries which have contributed the most in arts, literature and music.

Peru (Biru in Quetchua) is considered to have been named by the a local ruler. During the centuries, it was home to many significant civilizations, such as Caral, Chavin and Inkas, and was conquered by the Spanish "Conquistadores" during the 16th century. It, finally, gained its independence in 1824 and, during the 20th century noted a turmulous history, the impact of which is still visible until today. Peru is a presidential democracy and an active member of many International Organizations and it's considered to be among the highest ranked countries, as far as social freedom is concerned. 

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