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The land of ancient civilizations, Pharaoes and mystery: Egypt is one of the top destinations in the Mediterranean! Being one of the countries with the longest civilizations in the world, Egypt displays a rich history and culture, with a huge variation of influences, due to the civilizations that has interacted with throughout the centuries. Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Ottoman Turks, French and, finally, British; each and every one of them has left their own print on the evolve of the Egyptian history and modern state.

Egypt gained its independence from the British Empire in 1922 - however, the British forces remained in the country for 3 decades more, when the revolution of 1952 occured and Egypt became de facto independent. Since then and through its turmulous history, the country has displayed a significant financial and political growth, while it's the most populous country of the North Africa. It is considered to be the most influencial country of the Arab world, with many significant personalities of arts and literature representing the country not only among the Arab-speaking countries, but also worldwide.

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