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Australia is one of the largest islands and the sixth largest country in the world. Having its name derived from the term "Terra Australis" (meaning "southern land" in Latin), the australian mainland has been inhabited by indigenous tribes (such as Aboriginals) for more than 65,000 years before the first European settlers from Holland arrived to the island in the first years of the 17th century. Being renamed as "New Holland", the eastern territory of the island was claimed by the British crown in 1770. In 1901, the 6 colonies belonging to the British declared their independence and the creation of the Commonwealth of Australia. 

The Commonwealth of Australia includes Australia, Tasmania and several other minor islands. Despite its colossal size, it is considered to be the smallest continent on Earth; however, its cultural, natural and social diversity is fascinating, displaying a unique identity, as far as ethnic groups, landscapes and lifestyle are concerned. Once being known as a place of exile for convicts, it is considered a high developed country and is a member of various highly respected international organizations. 

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