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Uganda is a landlocked country in East-Central Africa. It is bordered to the east by Kenya, to the north by South Sudan, to the west by the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to the south-west by Rwanda, and to the south by Tanzania. The southern part of the country includes a substantial portion of Lake Victoria, shared with Kenya and Tanzania. Uganda is in the African Great Lakes region. Uganda also lies within the Nile basin, and has a varied but generally a modified equatorial climate.
Situated at the geographical heart of the African continent, Uganda has long been a cultural melting pot, as evidenced by the existence of 30-plus different indigenous languages belonging to five distinct linguistic groups, and an equally diverse cultural mosaic of music, art and handicrafts.The country’s most ancient inhabitants, confined to the hilly south-west, are the Batwa and Bambuti Pygmies, relics of the hunter gatherer cultures that once occupied much of East Africa to leave behind a rich legacy of rock paintings, such as the Nyero Rock Shelter near Kumi. At the cultural core of modern –day Uganda lie the Bantu –speaking kingdoms of Buganda, Bunyoro, Ankole and Toro, whose traditional monarchs –reinstated in the 1990s after having been abolished by president Milton Obote in 1967- still serve as important cultural figureheads. According to oral tradition, these centuries –old kingdoms are offshoots of the mediaeval kingdoms of Batembezi and Bachwezi, which lay in the vicinity of present-day Mubende and Ntusi, where archaeological evidence suggests that a strongly centralised polity had emerged by the 11th century. The country's capital city is Kampala and Entebbe’s modern international airport, set on the Lake Victoria shore 40 km from Kampala, is serviced by several prominent international airlines, ensuring easy access from the USA,
Europe and else where in Africa. Charter flights can be arranged between domestic tourist attractions.Kampala is a modern capital serviced excellent selection of international hotels, including a high-rise Sheraton right in the city centre, as well as bustling malls stuffed with banks, shops restaurants, internet cafes and cinemas. Reputable safari operators and car rental firms based in Kampala and Entebbe offer a wealth of local experience and specialist know-how to international visitors. And whether you travel by coach or rental vehicle, or join an organised safari, surfaced roads link the capital too other large towns such as Jinja, Mbale, Kabale, Kasese and Fort Portal, from where well –maintained dirt roads lead to the game reserves and national parks. Outside of the capital, most national parks and other tourist hubs are serviced by at least one upmarket lodge, ensuring that the adventurous spirit inherent to African travel is complemented by the full range of creatures comforts: stylish en-suite accommodation, fine cuisine, a range of chilled drinks and friendly services. For business travellers, internet facilities are available in most large towns, while an extensive cellular telephone network makes it possible to stay in touch with home in even the most remote of locations.

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